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The Motorcycle Rider’s Ultimate Checklist 

If you are one of the many young Australians who prefer to get around on two wheels, there is a lot of preparation before you set off into the sunrise. In order to help with your preparations, here is our ultimate rider’s checklist.

  • Protective Gear– It is essential that you have all the right gear before riding; a top-quality full-face helmet is a must, while a leather motorcycle jacket is another essential item to protect your skin in the event of a tumble. A pair of leather trousers is also the best way to protect your legs and a pair of motorcycle boots and a pair of gloves completes the outfit.
  • Comprehensive Insurance– If you are looking for Yamaha motor insurance in NSW, a Google search will help you find a leading bike insurer. Take out comprehensive insurance to protect your bike and yourself, which will give you peace of mind. Even a minor spill can cause a lot of cosmetic damage on a bike, which is why you need comprehensive cover.
  • Riding Tuition– If you have no biking experience, you are advised to enroll in a basic motorcycle riding course, as this will give you the basic skills you need to control the bike on a range of surfaces. If you already purchased your bike, you can ride it during the course, otherwise the training school would have a range of bikes that you can use.
  • Choosing a Bike – There are various styles and engine sizes and you do need to make sure that you are permitted to ride your chosen machine. Search online for a local Yamaha dealer and book a test ride on your favourite bike, then you can take out a finance package to spread the payment over a couple of years. There are new and used machines for sale and finding the ideal bike is never an issue.
  • Street Legal– You can’t ride on the roads if you don’t have a licence, plus the bike needs to be insured and the road tax paid. You will need at least 3rd party insurance, although you are advised to take out comprehensive cover. Avoid breaking speed limits and never drink and ride, as there are severe penalties for that.
  • Wet Weather Gear – Buy a lightweight plastic rain jacket and pants, roll them up and store them under the seat. It can rain at any time and if you are caught by surprise, find a bridge and pit on your waterproof outers.

Once you have the right licence and all the right clothing and protective gear, you are ready to start riding.

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