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Pibexa Review: Deals In Exchange and Cryptocurrency

Pibexa is today’s forex trading platform. It deals in foreign exchange cryptocurrency and many more services. It is providing a trading platform that can be used by any individual or institutional investor. They provide the safest and convenient all-round trading experience to the investors. They have a highly trained professional who expects in the trading market. They provide round the clock service to their clients.

There are various types of services provided by Pibexa which make it a desirable broker for trading purposes.

These services are as follows:

  • Different types of account provided by them:
  • Silver account: about $205 to $999 is the minimum amount required here for the deposits. They even provide eBooks and academic access to their clients.
  • Gold account: In this, a deposit between $1000 to $4999 is required. Also one gets eBook and academy access. Dedicated account manager manages this account.
  • Platinum account: In this, a deposit between $5000 to $ 34999 is required. Also one gets eBook and academy access. They provide timely trading signals whenever the changes in price are seen. In addition to all expert analyst trading sessions are also organized. 100%bonus is provided and no withdrawal fees are charged from their clients. Dedicated account manager manages this account.
  • Diamond account: In this, a deposit of $35000 is required. A full package of education is provided here. The senior account manager handles these accounts himself. In addition, a 100% bonus and expert analyst trading session is provided. One gets International MasterCard for easy debit of withdrawal and no withdrawal fee is charged from them.
  • Platform: Pibexa provides a good platform for Individuals to trade. No downloads or installation is needed to start with them the only website could be visited directly by the interested client. It is a very user-friendly and intuitive platform for the customers, which is making it more popular.
  • They have different capabilities like:
  • Real-time quotes without any delay
  • Simple trading by one click only
  • All types of orders limits
  • High-speed execution all the time
  • Social trading network
  • Simple and effective interface for all the services needed
  • Mobile application: they provide the option of trading from mobile they have software for iOS and android when an individual is not able to trade via laptop.
  • Privacy policy: It maintains the security of an individual. They keep it all secure how they collect the data regarding the website users so they can trust them. They also use an encryption system to make sure that their website runs smoothly and safely. Updates any regarding the website are done along the line without any delay.
  • KYC policy: they also have the Know your customer policy offer their customers. This KYC is required to protect any type of theft, money laundering, financial fraud or illegal activity. They hold zero-tolerance fraud policy and are very serious regarding this. Any document or account found illegal is totally closed so they are very transparent with whom they are dealing with.
  • AML policy: They follow the anti-money laundering policy of the UK. They follow the guideline set by the UK’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group. They have a policy for how to deal with money laundering so they are to be preferred by people as no other brokers have this feature.
  • Withdrawal of funds: they provide different withdrawal services as asked by their customer. Customers can contact Pibexa through phone, fax, and email for withdrawal purposes. But withdrawal below $50 per transaction is not allowed. The client has to follow some steps for the withdrawal procedure. First, they have to enter all the details of them along with banking details. Then after this client is eligible for withdrawal. Then withdrawn is done from the customer’s account. They prepare a transfer request and forward it to the accounts department. After this, it is sent to a particular bank along with payment instruction.

They provide the safest trading experience which makes it more recommendable when we know that investment in cryptocurrency is a huge risk. As this market is not controlled by anyone it is highly risky. Moreover, the rates are decided by the demand and supply of foreign exchange. They have a partnership with the feed provider who informs them about the whole market and provides accurate data streams. This cryptocurrency and forex broker keeps the information up to date regarding the real-time price and market price which helps them to inform the client about the real market situation. They also provide expiry graphs to ensure that their clients have faith in them all the time. They collaborate with highly professional brokers, experts in risk management and the investor, which makes it more appropriate for the clients. They cover each aspect of trading so to join them is like trade like professionals. No one doubts this. One should prefer Pibexa for trading purposes.

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